Buxton Old Road to Tegg's Nose Country Park

7.09% Average
12.3% Maximum
CTT Course Code:
CTT Course Description:
On Buxton Old Road Macclesfield approximately 50 yds from junction with A537 and at end of tall red stone boundary wall for the corner property on the left, proceed to :-
Finish 1.38 m
At power pole outside "Windyway Animal Sanctuary" 10 yds from the brow of the hill.
CTT Notes:
  • No cars to be parked at the start area and marshall to be appointed to disperse spectators.
  • Parking for timekeepers car only at finish.
    Any spectators to be instructed on start sheet to park at Teggs Nose car park further down the hill from the finish point.

Course Records

Andrew Feather (2020-08-07)
Rebecca Richardson (2020-08-07)
Darrell Clarke (2020-08-07)
Sophie Yarwood (2021-05-07)
Ruth Gamwell (2020-08-07)
Robert Rowson (2019-05-05)
Lucy Lee (2020-08-07)
Joe Thorp (2020-08-07)
Lilja Raine (2021-05-07)
Hannah Yates (2020-08-07)


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Race Type:
Friday May 7th 2021
Lift-off from:
19:01 with 60s gaps
Meeting point:
Bottom, next to "Macclesfield" sign on A537 (SK11 7EP)
From 17:30
Map here
Photo here
Entry Type
Online Only
PayPal / Card (via PayPal)
Non-refundable after closing time, unless the event is cancelled
Entry Opens / Closes:
Thu 29 April 2021 - 19:00:00
Thu 06 May 2021 - 19:00:00
100 Riders
Sunset 20:48
First come, first served

Macclesfield Wheelers
Cycling Club

Organiser: Bhima Bowden
Hillclimb Hotline: 07 9999 5 2000

Promoted for and on behalf of Cycling Time Trials under their rules, regulations and conditions.



Step 1
As soon as entries close, we will strive to produce the start sheet, showing your start time. It will be available on this page (below) and sent to you via text message/email.
Step 2 - Arrival
Arrive at the meeting point (details above) and collect your race number. Do not arrive at this point by car - please park elsewhere and ride over. Some courses have absolutely zero space for any vehicles and it is important to keep the area clear.
No need to sign or bring anything.
New risks can emerge last minute - follow any additional safety information.
Step 3 - Warming Up
Please stay off the course during the event, unless it's your turn.
Buxton New Road (A537) is perfect for a warmup.
Approach the start close to your time, but on the opposite side of the road, as space is limited.
Please wait to be called to the other side.
Step 4 - Finish
At the finish, please continue and take the next left to descend via Buxton New Road (A537).
No u-turns or descending on the course.
This keeps the traffic flow smooth for your competitors.
Step 5
Return your number, by leaving it in a box where you originally received it.
Step 6
Send any videos and photos to us. We'd love to see what you captured.


If you are able to ride out, please do so. Some events have extremely limited space for vehicles.
If you must drive, please consider car sharing with another driver to reduce congestion.

Parking Spaces
We are continually looking for suitable parking spaces close to our events and have added most of these to a map [Here]
Click on each location to see more information.
We cannot guarantee that these will be available on the day, so please leave early if you're planning to park somewhere remote.

Park & Ride
Are you driving out? If you can, please use our (80) FREE parking spaces in central Macclesfield and ride out from there.
These are at Waterside, SK11 7HG [Map Here]

Local residents are doing their best to keep the area clear, so please do the same and avoid parking near the course if possible.


No. Time Cat Name Club / Team
1 19:01:00 M Vet Mark Holland Macclesfield Wheelers
2 19:02:00 M Vet Warren Jackson Congleton CC
3 19:03:00 F Sen Georgia Keats none
4 19:04:00 M Sen Wilf Sargeant none
5 19:05:00 M Jun Joel Ackers Trek Bikes Wilmslow
6 19:06:00 M Jun Ben Metcalfe Inflite Dynamic Rides RT
7 19:07:00 M Sen Alan Malkie Cheshire Maverick Cycle Club
8 19:08:00 M Sen Steve Morrow Chorlton Velo
9 19:09:00 M Sen Benjamin Brown Liverpool Century RC
10 19:10:00 M Vet Rapid Rich Stoodley TrueSapien
11 19:11:00 M Vet Michael Howard Newcastle (Staffs) Tri Club
12 19:12:00 M Sen Mark Rowbottom Chesterfield Coureurs CC
13 19:13:00 M Sen Scott Wilson none
14 19:14:00 M Sen Jonathan Cheshire Stockport Tri Club
15 19:15:00 M Vet Phil Brooke SKCC
16 19:16:00 M Vet Fabrice Juif none
17 19:17:00 M Sen James Rees Seamons CC
18 19:18:00 M Sen Jerome Jacob 7 Hills Cycling Club
19 19:19:00 M Esp Matthew Burt none
20 19:20:00 M Vet John Flanagan Moonglu CC
21 19:21:00 M Vet Paul Cockshott Macclesfield Wheelers
22 19:22:00 M Vet Alex Taylor Sportstest RT
23 19:23:00 M Vet Stewart Williamson Rhos-on-Sea CC
24 19:24:00 M Vet Ash Miles CC Giro
25 19:25:00 M Vet Laurence Tendler none
26 19:26:00 M Sen Duncan Edwards Harrogate Nova CC
27 19:27:00 M Sen Thomas Turton Seamons CC
28 19:28:00 M Sen Chris Spencer Macclesfield Wheelers
29 19:29:00 M Vet Mark Booth Macclesfield Wheelers
30 19:30:00 M Sen Glenn Manifold Holmes Chapel Velo
31 19:31:00 M Vet David Baxter Sportstest RT
32 19:32:00 M Sen Elliot Sleath Macclesfield Wheelers
33 19:33:00 M Vet Richard Burt Solihull CC
34 19:34:00 M Sen Peter Chomczuk Holmes Chapel Velo
35 19:35:00 M Sen Laurence Fryer-Taylor OVB
36 19:36:00 M Jun George Griffin JRC Shutt Ridley RT
37 19:37:00 M Sen Anthony Lock Manchester Wheelers
38 19:38:00 F Vet Jill Wesley Macclesfield Wheelers
39 19:39:00 M Juv Tom Gamwell Macclesfield Wheelers
40 19:40:00 F Vet Rachel Gilliland Macclesfield Wheelers
41 19:41:00 F Vet Ruth Gamwell Macclesfield Wheelers
42 19:42:00 F Jun Lilja Raine
43 19:43:00 M Juv Patrick Casey Team Lifting Gear Products/Cycles In Motion
44 19:44:00 F Sen Daisy Pickles none
45 19:45:00 M Vet Kevin Raine
46 19:46:00 F Jun Hannah Yates Sportcity Velo
47 19:47:00 F Sen Mary Wilkinson Yorkshire Road Club
48 19:48:00 F Esp Lucy Lee University of Bath Cycling Club
49 19:49:00 F Sen Monica Greenwood Macclesfield Wheelers
50 19:50:00 F Sen Rebecca Richardson Team Brother UK
51 19:51:00 M Esp Adam Millington Team PB Performance
52 19:52:00 M Vet Thomas McCormack Element Cycling Team
53 19:53:00 M Vet Jamie Heeds Macclesfield Wheelers
54 19:54:00 M Sen James Stockton High Peak Cycles RT
55 19:55:00 M Sen Hugh English Manchester Bicycle Club
56 19:56:00 M Sen David Watkins Macclesfield Wheelers
57 19:57:00 M Vet Mark Williams Manchester Wheelers
58 19:58:00 M Vet Khaled Balabil Holmes Chapel Velo
59 19:59:00 M Vet Christian Fox Team Lifting Gear Products/Cycles In Motion
60 20:00:00 M Vet James Russell Macclesfield Wheelers
61 20:01:00 M Sen Peter Taylor none
62 20:02:00 M Vet Darrell Clarke Ilkeston Cycle Club
63 20:03:00 M Vet Tim Stagg Dirt Bike Den
64 20:04:00 M Jun Joe Thorp Macclesfield Wheelers
65 20:05:00 M Vet Mark Shepherd Sportstest RT
66 20:06:00 M Vet Tim Glenie Ilkeston Cycle Club
67 20:07:00 M Vet Bradley Murphy SKCC
68 20:08:00 M Vet Steven Prince Ludlow Brewery Race Team
69 20:09:00 M Vet Tony Cope Leek CC - Den Engel Belgian Bar
70 20:10:00 M Vet Jon Wild Veloviewer
71 20:11:00 M Sen Mark Jagger Team Lifting Gear Products/Cycles In Motion
72 20:12:00 M Sen Matthew Hammersley VeloRunner RT
73 20:13:00 M Vet Dale Unwin none
74 20:14:00 M Jun Robert Rowson Macclesfield Wheelers
75 20:15:00 M Sen Matt Lawton Macclesfield Wheelers
76 20:16:00 M Sen Graham Howell Element Cycling Team
77 20:17:00 M Sen Will Corden VeloRunner RT
78 20:18:00 M Jun Kieran Smith Team Lifting Gear Products/Cycles In Motion
79 20:19:00 M Sen Rick Bailey Team Lifting Gear Products/Cycles In Motion
80 20:20:00 M Sen Kirk Vickers Holohan Coaching Race Team
81 20:21:00 M Sen Andy Nichols Team Lifting Gear Products/Cycles In Motion
82 20:22:00 M Sen Ben Greenwood Macclesfield Wheelers
83 20:23:00 M Sen Andrew Feather
84 20:24:00 M Sen Andy Cunningham Wheelbase Castelli MGD
85 20:25:00 F Esp Anna Burt none




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