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Barlow Hill

7.00% Average
15.0% Maximum
CTT Course Code:
CTT Course Description:
Where the wall meets a phone box beside the "Wincle" sign at the river Dane.
Proceed North to :-
Finish 2.16km
Wooden lamp post number 37, situated on the left, 20m beyond the brow of the hill, opposite the first of two gates.
CTT Notes:

Course Records

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Race Type:
Fri 21 June 2024 - 19:01:00
Lift-off from:
19:01 with 60s gaps
Meeting point:
At the top of the climb - on the left after the finish line. Limited parking here.
From 17:30
Map here
Photo here
Entry Type
Online Only
PayPal / Card (via PayPal)
Non-refundable after closing time, unless the event is cancelled
Entry Opens / Closes:
Thu 13 June 2024 - 19:00:00
Thu 20 June 2024 - 19:00:00
150 Riders*
Sunset 21:40
First come, first served
*Entry may remain open after 150, so you can be a reserve if anyone pulls out. Refundable if unsuccessful.

Macclesfield Wheelers
Cycling Club

Organiser: Bhima Bowden
Hillclimb Hotline: 07 9999 5 2000

Promoted for and on behalf of Cycling Time Trials under their rules, regulations and conditions.

Confirmed Entries: 0/150


Step 1
As soon as entries close, we will strive to produce the start sheet, showing your start time. It will be available on this page (below) and sent to you via text message/email.
Step 2 - Arrival
Arrive at the meeting point (details above) and collect your race number. Do not arrive at this point by car - please park elsewhere and ride over. There are some spots surrounding the pub at the bottom or at Macclesfield Forest.
No need to sign or bring anything.
New risks can emerge last minute - follow any additional safety information.
Step 3 - Warming Up
The first half of the course can be narrow and have traffic issues so please use the top half or the climb before the start line (going south).
Approach the start close to your time and wait in the driveway to the Wincle Brewery, off the road (see start line photo above).
Listen out for your number to be called and say your number to the start timekeeper as you approach, to make their job easier by preventing mistakes.
Step 4 - During the Race
There is a short dip in the middle with a descent that can add considerable speed. Please keep an eye on the junction at the bottom of this dip as other vehicles may not expect to see you approaching so quickly.
Step 5 - Finish
If you wish to descend to spectate, please take care if doing a U-turn and stay out of the way of riders coming up the hill.
Please don't gather in groups in such a way that could potentially cause traffic congestion.
Step 6
Return your number, by leaving it in a box/container where you originally received it.
Step 7
Send any videos and photos to us. We'd love to see what you captured.



Parking is not guaranteed for our events and they were originally devised with a short 5-30 minute ride out from Macclesfield in mind.
We are delighted that non-local riders from further out wish to travel long journeys to join us, but:
• If you are able to ride out without driving, please do so.
• Some events have zero or extremely limited space for vehicles. Please bear this in mind and see the map below for help.
• If you must drive, please consider car sharing with another driver to reduce congestion.

Parking Spaces
We are continually looking for suitable parking spaces close to our events and have added most of these to a map [Here]
Click on each location to see more information.
We cannot guarantee that these will be available on the day, so please leave early if you're planning to park somewhere remote.

Park & Ride Recommendation
Are you driving out? If you can, please use our (80) FREE parking spaces in central Macclesfield and ride out from there.
These are at Waterside, SK11 7HG and have been secured specifically, with the help of various local businesses/offices.
[Map Here]

Local residents are doing their best to keep the courses clear for us, so please do the same and avoid parking near the course if possible. Several courses contain junctions with private roads/driveways and should not be used or blocked under any circumstances.


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